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Email Marketing and Special Hosting Solutions

What is email marketing? In layman’s words email marketing is the form of direct marketing where advertisers or marketers utilizes the power of electronic mail or email to advertise or market their products or services before potential customers. So, one of the primary goals of email marketing is to acquire new customers and do more business. Email marketing is also used with the purpose of improving customer satisfaction and overall customer-merchant relationship. Here this marketing tool encourages existing loyal customers to purchase something new. Again it means more business.

In email marketing businesses or marketers contacts their existing customers and prospects via emails. Email marketing has many advantages. For example, less expensive, instant delivery, easy to track etc. But there is also a disadvantage that gave email marketing a bad name. It is called spam. Many marketers send unsolicited emails to thousands and thousands of people in bulk. Such unsolicited emails leaves bad impression on customers mind. So, some customer may simply ignore those emails with marketing pitch. Here comes opt-in email advertising into the scene. In this form of email marketing the recipients agrees to receive communication emails from the marketer. Due to it’s open nature, opt-in email advertising is also called permission marketing and in my view this is the best way to market products and services via email. No unsolicited emails, no complaints and better chances of more business.
For better performance of email marketing campaigns, sometimes special hosting may be required. For example, all hosts may not have tracking is very important in email marketing campaigns and all web hosting services may be able to provide the required resources for easy management and tracking of you campaign. So, if you want to start your own email marketing campaign, you must go with the best. With best email marketing hosting solutions on your side you can easily achieve success.
If you are not sure about the right hosting company, you may give a look at FatJackHosting.com. Fat Jack Hosting specializes in email marketing hosting solutions. Special hosting for special requirements! Check their plans and compare the quality of service and price with other similar service providers. Pick the one that fits both your requirements and budget and start your email marketing campaign today.

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