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Email Marketing Online with iContact

Opt-in email marketing is one of the best ways to market your products and services online. But, email marketing online is effective only when you have the right email marketing solution and tools. Need anemail marketing tool to send out email newsletters or online surveys? Looking for a good autoresponder tool? Try iContact, a complete email marketing solution trusted by thousands of happy customers worldwide.

iContact is an email marketing solution provider based in Durham, NC. It was founded by Ryan Allis and Aaron Houghton in 2003. Their client base includes both small and mid-sized businesses. In fact, their 50K plus  happy customers includes a number of Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America, Ford and Nissan. So, you can definitely trust on them when it comes to email marketing.
Why iContact may be the best option for you to send out email newsletters? First of all, they product is robust and fully featured with all useful tools to easily create, send and track email newsletters, autoresponders, surveys and blog feeds. Their interface is extremely user friendly and you can access all the features and tools from a single user interface.
New to email marketing? Don’t worry! They have a wide range of email marketing resource articles, a best practices whitepaper, a monthly newsletter and a blog to provide you updates and tips and guide your through your marketing campaigns. To help you get started they have more than 300 professionally-designed email templates. And when it comes to support, iContact offers quick help via phone, email and online chat in a people friendly manner.
iContact pricing plans are designed to meet the requirements of all types of marketers. Beginners with a short list of contacts may start using their service for as low as $9.95 per month. They also have a trial offer that will allow you to try before you buy. During the 15 day trial period you can use all the features of the product and send messages to up to 250 contacts.
In this age of fast communication, your success in email marketing online depends on various factors such as your list size, highly converting messages, on-time delivery, tracking etc. Only a good email marketing solution can provide you all the tools and services to easily create, send and track your email marketing campaigns. Try iContact today and watch your business grow.

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