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iContact Email Marketing Solution

A good email marketing solution is a must if you want to achieve success with your email marketing campaigns. Right now there are many companies that offers email marketing software or services in the market. But you must choose your email marketing solution provider carefully. Because you don’t want to jeopardize your email marketing campaign just because of your service provider’s fault. Also you need to take care that the service quality is good and the cost is within your budget.
iContact Email Marketing
Looking a reliable and affordable email marketing service? Try iContact, an on-demand email marketing service that allows small businesses and corporate giants to create, send and track email newsletters, autoresponders, surveys and RSS feeds. Based in Durham, North Carolina, iContact was founded by Ryan Allis and Aaron Houghton in 2003. Currently the company have more that 48K customers including big Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America, Ford and Nissan.
iContact have a very user-friendly interface and to help you create your email marketing messages they have more than 300 pre-made email templates. So, you will never find any problem while creating your email messages. Once your messages are ready, you can send them immediately or schedule them to be sent at a later date. They offers open and clickthrough tracking, so that you can track the performance of your email marketing campaign in real-time.
You can easily create, organize and manage your mailing lists with the help of their subscription management tools. They take care of managing bounces and unsubscribes for you. Moreover you don’t have to worry about adding sign-up forms, surveys, autoresponders, RSS feeds etc. Because iContact is a full product loaded with all the sophisticated tools and features required for email marketing. You don’t have to worry about deliverability issues, as they have good relationships with the ISPs.

What about the price? One can start using iContact service for as little as $9.95 per month. In my view this is cheap for a full-fledged service like this. Well, based on the size of your list, the price will go up. For big organizations, they also have a special Enterprise product that starts at $660 per month.
So, iContact is a very easy to use, reliable and affordable service. Want to try it before you buy? No problem! They have a 15 day free trail offer. Within the trial period you can send 250 messages to up to 250 subscribers without paying a cent. Moreover in order to give you the complete picture, they will provide all the features of a paid account during the trial period. To sign up for the free 15 day trial ofiContact Email Marketing service visit www.icontact.com today.

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