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make money from docash

Looking for some cool news ways to make money online? Let me tell you about an unique opportunity that will enable you to earn money from the documents you upload to the web. Called as DocCash, this program will pay you for uploading documents to Docstoc, an online document sharing service. Well, DocCash is not gonna pay you simply for uploading a document. Rather it will pay you 50% of the Google AdSense revenue generated by all your documents.

So, to get started, all you need is a Google AdSense account and a DocStoc account. If you already have a Google AdSense account, just give them your basic account information. And if you don’t have an AdSense account, sign up for one. It is free and will take 2-3 days for approval. DocStoc accepts any documents in Word, Excel or PDF format. But you may not upload copyrighted content for which you do not own the rights or have permission from the owner to share.
As your income depends on the ad revenue generated by your documents, the simplest way to make more money through DocCash is to upload as much documents as possible and share theme via other sites. Upload popular, interesting and useful documents and then add good titles, tags and descriptions to them. This will help you in bringing more visitors to your documents.
You can track your pageviews and income right from your Google AdSense control panel. Note that DocCash split the revenue 50/50 on all of the advertisements that show up on single document pages. For better tracking, set up a channel for DocStoc inside your Google AdSense control panel. Payments will be made by Google as per your AdSense account preferences. Watch the following video to learn how you can make money online by uploading documents to the web.
More information about DocCash: http://www.docstoc.com/doccash/

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