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Make Money Online with Sales Page Theme

A powerful Sales Page is a must for your success in selling digital products online. Looking for a easier way to create and manage your sales pages? Want to create your sales pages with WordPress? Try theSales Page Theme, a highly customizable, easy-to-use theme that will let your create powerful and interactive sales pages within minutes.

Sales Page Theme
Sales pages are highly effective at converting. Every successful internet marketer knows it very well and that’s why they always give more time in creation, optimization and testing of sales pages. If you are an internet marketer and want to create a highly-converting sales page, you must try the Sales Page Theme. This cool, new WordPress theme is entirely widgetized so you can drag, drop and customize the sales page elements from within the WordPress dashboard. With the Sales Page Theme, you can literally set up new sales pages in less than 10 minutes with the custom widgets feature.
So, the Sales Page Theme saves time. Yes, it does. But wait, it can also save your money! As you are creating your own sales pages, you don’t have to pay freelancers or contractors for creation of your sales page. Great, isn’t it? Moreover, as you are going to use WordPress in the back-end, you will be able to easily add, modify and customize your sales copy, testimonials, info etc. No coding knowledge required.
Features of Sales Page Theme:
  • Powerful theme settings page: Change overall appearance, modify the header, customize footer, add tracking codes and do many more right from your Main Settings Panel or Theme Control Panel.
  • Widgetized Elements: Click-and-drag widgets to add special features and product boxes on your sales page.
  • Video-capable theme: Get your video embed code and paste it into the video widget to display your product video.
  • Video Tutorials: Useful video tutorials created by experts.
Why use Sales Page Theme?
  • You will be able to build your own sales pages.
  • You will save time. As it takes just minutes to set up.
  • You will save money. No need to outsource your work.
  • You will be able to utilize the power and flexibility of WordPress.
Price and Discounts:
Sales Page Theme is priced at $97
SAVE 10%. Use this discount code: 7FE683C8B5
Download Sales Page Theme:

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